Hi lovelies! 

So many happy and exciting things happening this week - biggest and shiniest being Brisbane Pride Fair Day on Saturaday 10-5pm at Musgrave Park!

Also, those who work on Thursday get Thursday off because s political figurehead for colonisation died.  Happy day off!

 It's Brisbane Pride Festival FAIR DAY this Saturdaaaay! 

We'll be there with a live broadcast with Ez of Tranzmission and Domenico of 4ZZZ Exit Stage Zed!

We're super happy to be repping our community and maximising representation through grassroots independent radio (which is literally why we exist!)

And on that note, Ez was kind enough to make a cute video with me talking about Ez of Tranzmission chatting about 4ZZZ's history of queer and transgender representation, which dovetails quite nicely with us popping up at Fair Day!

Super proud of our radical roots from the 70s that burn brightly! ✊🏾✊🏻✊🏿✊🏼

Happy Thursday off!

For those getting a day off today, happy day off! Here's a photo from Invasion Day earlier this year. It's a good sign.

🏆 AOTW: Girl and Girl - Divorce

Some very excited 4ZZZ vollies will be very stoked to hear, Girl and Girl are our Album Of The Week and will be popping in for an interview TODAY with Bella, in a little segment during Ag's Liminal Space show 1-3pm!

Here's what the AOTW Committee had to say! - "2022 has seen Girl and Girl establish themselves with us here at 4ZZZ: a great set on Right Here Right Now in May, a ton of airplay for singles 'Garden Song' and 'Dance Now', and a head-turning performance as part of our Sounds Like Community Radio day just a few weeks ago. This EP 'Divorce' was just too good to miss, containing the aforementioned songs and 4 other tracks including 'Divorce 2' (another song getting repped on the Zed airwaves). In passing conversations about the band there are two important details people seem to delight in: the emotional voicings of frontperson Kai James, and then the fact their aunty, Melissa James plays the drums. In fact, with three or even four members, it simply all adds up to something kinda wonderful."

🌀 WONDROUS FAIR House Gig in Annerley! 🌀

The lovely Stephen Mackerras popped in 4ZZZ to kick off volunteering this week, and gave us the heads up to Meanjin icons, Wondrous Fair house party gig in celebration !

They basically invented 'bedroom pop' before 'bedroom pop' existed 🎺 Their album SPIRALS was actually our Album of the Week, earlier in 2022!

Go see them Saturday if you want a fun, kooky evening with one of Meanjin's most innovative bands spanning decades!

24th Sept, 66 Chester Rd Annerley, 5-10pm

That's all for this week, be sure to check your inbox next week for the next instalment of Zedletter!
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Respectfully acknowledging the traditional owners and custodians of the country on which we live and that their sovereignty over this land was never ceded.