Welcome to MELTY TOWN where your 🍦 ice creams turn to milkshake ðŸ¥› in 10 seconds flat. After that nuts rain, summer is here! 

Hope you're doing great and had happy moments since we last caught up! If you couldn't tell from the backgorund, this will be a Halloween heavy Zedletter! Speaking of, I'm espcially excited for EVIL ZED on Saturday, it's gonna be tons of spooky fun! Maybe see ya there!


[typed with a spooky voice] OOOOOOH! It's EVIL ZED this Saturdaay and it's gonna be DEATHLY fuuUUUuuUUnnNN! [spooky voice finishes]

Also there's this limited edition EVIL ZED shirt with, what I reckon is pretty damn incredible artwork! by Ivan Kenny-Sumiga AKA Pixel Method. 

Get a shirt with your ticket right here!


Behold! Sam of Monster Zoku Onsomb! Longtime vollie and supporter of Zed and one of the main organisers of EVIL ZED! 

This season, Sam wears yellow balaclava with 4ZZZ banana. Killin' it!

If this getup has you pondering spooky costumes for this Saturday's 🎃 EVIL ZED 👻 just know that we've got prizes for BEST COSTUMES from Beserk Clothing (announced at 9pm).

Get tickets to join in on the Halloween fun!

📡 😖 Transmitter has a tantrum

📡 😖 Transmitter has a tantrum

In other exciting news! On Monday our transmitter crapped itself in the morning! Ben of Brown Couch climbed up Mt Coot-tha, Rob and Branko were in the station to take care of things on this end. Thank you team!!!

One of the best things to come out of it, was Jack and Luci from Zedgeist's "TOP 5 LIKELY REASONS 4ZZZ WENT STATIC CRAZY YESTERDAY MORNING" -- the answer is all the above!

That's all for this week, be sure to check your inbox next week for the next instalment of Zedletter!
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