Supriiiiiiise! My 4ZZZ Community Engagement Coordinator role is up for grabs!

After a glorious sprint of upholding Zed's legacy of inclusiveness and creating space for marginalised voices (and making so many amazing kindred spirit friends along the way), I'm going off to fulfil my childhood dream as composer for a La Boite and beyond!

So, as i burst into a million tears in leaving this beautiful place, I hereby pass the torch to anyone who's keen to take up this part-time (3 days) Community Engagement mantle in this very special place!

If you're the kind of person that cares about grassroots DIY culture, building safe and inclusive spaces where vollies can thrive, connecting with diverse and intersectional communities, have a knack for social media and comms, and want a hand in shaping the music culture of this city, this is that job!

Nuts and bolts: it's part-time 3 days a week, you'll have strong networks in Meanjin communities, impeccable communication skills and a keen understanding of how to connect a diverse range of people to 4ZZZ.

To apply and get more info, check out the job application.

That's all for this week, be sure to check your inbox next week for the next instalment of Zedletter!
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