I can't concentrate today, it's bestie Marisa's last day, and it's the 4ZZZ x Valley Fiesta carpark show Sunday which will be so fun, so my emotions are all over the place! 

So here's to you, Zed community, hope you're not undulating between joy and delirius! 

Also! don't forget, if you'd like to take over my job as 4ZZZ Community Engagement Coordinator, it's up for grab! Here's the link (the right link this time!)

4ZZZ Social Worker Marisa's last day! 

😭😭😭😭 Our beloved 4ZZZ Social Worker Marisa Georgiou's last day is today!

Marisa is finishing up their last day of a Masters of Social Work placement here at Zed, and we're basically all crying!

Marisa has had a huge impact in making the super diverse array of people at Zed feel safe and respected, through creating frameworks and processes, but also just being an amazing human leading by example of trasparent and thoughtful communcation.

Marisa's practices have woven together diverse understandings from art, politics, spirituality and wellbeing to find new ways of coping with and conceiving of the pressures of contemporary life.

 You can keep up with all things Marisa at marisageorgiou.com

 Also! Watch Marisa video we made!

Certified grown man Stocky ECSTATIC about bubbles! (for Sunday's Valley Fiesta Carpark Spectaular)

What is this little bubble making contraption for? It's to lean hard into the "Spectacular" of the 4ZZZ x Valley Fiesta Carpark Spectacular by making it a BUBBLE PARADISE!

Thanks to bubble dealer Phoebe of former Zed show PAZZZTEL for coming through with the shiny floaty pop machine!

Here's the event poster below for good measure!


If your curiosity noodle has ever pondered about the place where 4ZZZ's mischief and magic arise from, join our video tour! Step through the 3 storeys of Meanjin stories, music, inclusivity. eclectic tastes and progressive media!

Come virtually visit where community radio lives! πŸ“»

πŸŽ₯ Massive thanks to Burnt Tapes Co for lovingly crafting *slash* smashing out this gorgous POV walkthrough

Adele Pickvance walks 10m from studio 1 to studio 3 to ROCK OUT on Right Here Right Now!

The living legend that is Adele Pickvance tore down 4ZZZ on Tuesday for Right Here Right Now giving a never before heard preview of Adele & The Chandeliers upcoming release 'Still Thinking'!

Adele pulled a double shift, jumping straight from hosting Brighten The Corners on Tuesday afternoon 🌞 to a live set at night 🌜and you can relive it all on Twitch and Instagram or listen back on demand!

Yes! i'm advertising my own job! This job has been the most magical wish-fulfilment for my right-brain, now I'm off to give my left-brain some love as composer for La Boite!

I hereby pass the torch to anyone who's keen to take up this part-time (3 days) Community Engagement mantle in this very special place!

If you're the kind of person that cares about grassroots DIY culture, building safe and diverse spaces where vollies can thrive, connecting with local, marginalised and intersectional communities, have a knack for social media and comms, and want a hand in shaping the music culture of this city, this is that job!

Nuts and bolts: it's part-time 3 days a week, you'll have strong networks in Meanjin communities, impeccable communication skills and a keen understanding of how to connect a diverse range of people to 4ZZZ.

Apply now - applications close 5 Dec

That's all for this week, be sure to check your inbox next week for the next instalment of Zedletter!
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