Hey shiny faces of Meanjin! (And I mean that because of your presumed luminescent inner hope, not facial sebum excretions you’re having toward the end of the day, but maybe it’s both).

Welcome to one of your final Zedletters of the year! The suns out, the Zed vollies are giddy and it’s Hot 100 voting time! So give the gift of voting to your favourite artists this season, for this is the true meaning of Xmas (right?)

Big Man Tyrone spruiks 4ZZZ Hot 100 📢

In case you missed it, a spectacular and wholly random piece of unexpected 4ZZZ Hot 100 ‘promo’ sprouted from a corner of the internet I hadn’t had the pleasure of visiting until this point. 

Yep, the 4ZZZ Hot 100 got endorsed by UK-Cameroonian youtuber and gospel singer (much beloved and of YouTube fame apparently), his name is Big Man Tyrone and now I’m obsessed. Thank you Zed community stalwart Anthony the Accountant for bringing this pure gold to our attention.

In the video - which you can watch! - Big Man Tyrone went on an EPIC SPRUIK, throwing all his poetic weight behind our Hot 100 voting! 

I particularly enjoyed this gem: “The music scene in South East Queensland has never been healthier. They’re like little baby sea monkeys you’ve just tipped out of the packet… vote in this year’s Hot 100 or the sea monkeys will die!”

So, if not for our sake or the sake of  your fave artists and bands, vote because Big Man Tyrone told you to, at Vote at hot100.4zzz.org.au 

🖤💛❤️ Farewell Souljah Sistar Michelle

SO MUCH LOVE for our Souljah Sistar ✨ Michelle ✨ (pictured right) who's headed to Eora Nation!

The spectacular Michelle, alongside the incredible Tabatha, have held down your weekly yarns, creating a space on airwaves across the region about fierce and soulful women of colour that inspire them, for 5 years on Soul-jah Sistars, on Saturdays 1-2pm.

Michelle has done a huge amount to bring more First Nations volunteers to zed, leading the Pass the Mic training program, and has been an outstanding mentor and role model to generations! 

The Souljah Sistars will continue on and strong with amazing new bloods stepping up, Beca Martin and Tessa Bobir joining us, and Kirstyn Lindsay looking forward to being a contributor. 

Michelle says: "Over coming months the show is going to reinvent itself once more. I'm hoping and looking forward to 2023 and sharing the love on Gadigal Country, getting back into Radio Skid Row so we can share the program on both stations."

Thank you Michelle and safe journey!

7 Days of Zedmas leading to Locked In Day

In the words of Station Manager Stocky, “Tis the season for us to come up with our own interpretation of gift giving and community so save us from the capitalistic hellscape of Christmas that we’re drowning in.”

Every year on 25 December, Locked In takes over the studio for a marathon 16 hour broadcast to prisoners, but this year is a bit more special than usual. With next year marking 40 years since the start of prison programming at 4ZZZ, we’re using this opportunity to put the spotlight on the social issues surrounding incarceration. 

*drum roll* welcome to the 7 Days of Zedmas 

From Monday 19 December to Sunday 25 December, we’ll be giving gifts for kids of those currently inside, as well as prizes and giveaways on ours shows throughout the week, and turning the focus of many of our shows to the topic of incarceration, something that affects diverse groups and cultures. 

Also, we’ll have a tin of gravy as a daily prize for the breakfast shows to give away to subscribers. Why?

Because 21st December is #GravyDay, named after Paul Kelly’s 1996 hit, How To Make Gravy.

As CJ of the Locked In show explains: “The song is a letter written from a prisoner to his family for Christmas. The gravy reference in the song is symbolic of disconnection and isolation” and is a perfect song to spark conversations about social justice and incarceration.  

What’s more, on Monday 19th, Locked In will debut our own 4ZZZ rendition of ‘How To Make Gravy’ by the powerhouse that is Jodie Flange of Flangipanis and 4ZZZ’s The Hangover’s, using only words written in letters from 4ZZZ Locked In listeners. 

Let the 7 Dy of Zedmas begin! 

🛸 Zed receptionists returning to their planets 🛸

That's right...


From tomorrow afternoon onwards, Zed reception will be closed to the public, see you next year on Monday 9th January when we re-open, Earthlings 👽

Humans of Meanjin! Countdown to the soundtrack to our collectively wild, crazy, fun, intense, strange, challenging and fulfilling 2022!

Join us at The Triffid Beer Garden for games, stunts and good times!

🔥 Bring your kids! 🔥 Bring your dogs! 🔥 It's FREE and ALL AGES! ðŸ”¥

🌞 Northey Street City Farm 🌞
Summer Solstice Festival 

Northey Street City Farm’s annual Summer Solstice Festival returns next Friday 16 December.

Kicking off at 6pm, you can expect fire displays, First Nations storytelling, ceremony, music, and dance, in celebration of the new sun cycle.

Highlights include a Welcome to Country from traditional custodian Derek Oram-Sandy; a collaboration between Jamaican/Arrernte artist SOLCHLD and singer/songwriter Rudy Matoy; and an opportunity to let go with Ecstatic Dance Brisbane.

A night market with over 30 stalls, Jungle Bar, and Earth Care space aims to offer something for everyone. And Bob Mud will be sharing Earth Arts skills for young people.

Tickets are available here! 

That's all for this week, be sure to check your inbox next week for the next instalment of Zedletter!
For more information hit 4zzz.org.au

Respectfully acknowledging the traditional owners and custodians of the country on which we live and that their sovereignty over this land was never ceded.