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but possibly always? πŸ€”


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🎸RHRN | Dancing Water πŸ–€

I got to hang out with the Right Here Right Now (RHRN) crew and watched as these incredible young people platform live music every Tuesday night at 6pm. This week they had a band you should absolutely get to know; Dancing Water, a Neo Soul/Punk band. Nadine has an incredible presence filling the airways with vocal tones of liquid gold. Dancing Water’s message is a powerful one, fighting for BLAK rights πŸ–€ BLAK lives πŸ’› and BLAK love β€οΈ in so-called ‘Australia.’ Honestly, it was the best Captain Cook’s Dead Day I could have asked for.

You should 1000% listen back, RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW

❀️ Sibling Station Love | Kelly Whitworth 3CR πŸ“»

Kelly Whitworth is the Producer of Dr Joe Toscano’s “Anarchist World This Week” at 3CR Naarm/Melbourne, which we broadcast Thursdays at 18:00 on Zed Digital. Kelly is holidaying in QLD and came up from the Gold Coast to visit. She has never been to Meanjin/Brisbane before, and was thrilled to be shown around Zed HQ by our very own Blair Martin (Queer Radio & Zed Digital Coordinator).

Kelly is a Zed Subscriber and regularly tunes in. She was ecstatic to meet people whose programs she listens to, able to yarn about important stuff to do with community radio - and all on World Radio Day too!!!


Charlie Needs Braces - Saltwater People

From the AOTW Committee - "Proud Guringai woman, a descendant of Bungaree and Matora, Charlie Needs Braces has been grabbing our collective attention since releasing singles such as 'Yanoo' and 'Saltwater People'. The title track of the album 'Saltwater People' has been the second most played track on 4ZZZ these past weeks. Like in the aforementioned title track, the signature driving percussive hooks, layered harmonies and punchy instrumentals form the sort of artful pop you'll find all over this album. We think you'll really dig it."

🎢 TOP 20 πŸŽΆ

πŸ“° Reviews Central βœοΈ

If you follow our Social Media you’ll notice some awesome reviews coming out of our 4ZZZ Reviews Team. Chris Cobcroff attended Laneway Festival and wrote a really in comprehensive review of his experience which you can read right here.

πŸ’ΏAlbum ReviewπŸ’Ώ

Hope D - Clash Of The Substance

If you’re looking for more of that good good, really good, reviews goodness that is written by someone with much better vocabulary than myself READ Hope D’s latest album release reviewed by Andrea Pierce on the 4ZZZ Website.

Seriously, I hear it’s pretty good…

Also who doesn't love Hope D?

❓ Zed Trivia β“

John Woods - 12 noon, 8 December 1975.

"You’re listening to 4ZZ-FM in Brisbane bringing you stereo FM rock on a frequency of 105.7 megaherz."

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