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Annnnnnd that’s (pretty much) a wrap on Radiothon for 2023! My apologies for leading you all on with an announcement that prize winners would be announced in this Zedletter, I got waaaaaaaay to excited and forgot that THE DRAW IS STILL OPEN until midnight TONIGHT (31st August), so get those tail end prizes such as; a year of fresh produce from ALL MY FRIENDS grocer, a year of beer from FELONS, a golden ticket for FIVE STAR CINEMAS or a custom arcade cabinet from NETHERWORLD.

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I can lead you on with something else though 😉 such as our new monthly edition to the Zedletter (featured below) our HOT SINGLES, so get ready to swipe left 🔥.

Other than subscribing to support the community radio station you know and love, things are returning to a regular level of Zed chaos this week, here is a photo of some busy, but friendly faces. We’re working away on so many things…

Such as; Watch this space for a MONTHLY SUBSCRIBER PRIZE - more details coming soon... 🫦

 🎧 Sounds Like Community Radio 2023! 🎧

4ZZZ and Amrap come together to celebrate community radio and Australian music!

On Tuesday, September 5, from 2pm, we're celebrating the millions of listeners that tune into community radio each week, the people that make it and the incredible Australian music that keeps everyone all in.

Sounds Like Community Radio is a live music event, a live music broadcast and an open day for community radio. We're inviting YOU to come down to the 4ZZZ carpark, bear witness to some great Australian music as well as eat, drink and be merry while meeting some of the people who make community radio happen around the country.

The day features live performances from Brisbane rap raconteur Fred Leone with Yirinda, rising Tasmanian hip hop artist Grace Chia, Brisbane reggae-funk fusion upstarts Tjaka, Adelaide post-punk sweethearts The Empty Threats, Melbourne grunge acolytes Porpoise Spit and Brisbane dream pop idol Seja. Kicking off proceedings is globally-known Brisbane beatsmith Sampology.

On-air and in person will be people from 4ZZZ, Sydney's 2SER and FBi Radio, Melbourne's SYN, 3RRR and PBS FM and Hobart's EDGE Radio.

You can also meet the people from the Australian Music Radio Airplay Project – Amrap. They're the people who deliver Australian music to community radio to ensure that 37% of music played on the network of stations is Australian.

Find out more about Amrap at amrap.org.au.

Sounds Like Community Radio:
Tuesday September 5, 2pm - 7pm
4ZZZ Carpark, 264 Barry Parade, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane
Live on 4ZZZ 102.1 FM or Zed Digital

🐝 What’s that buzzzing? 🐝

It’s the sound of George Levi's long-sleeve shirts BACK IN STOCK and flying off the shelf AGAIN!

These gorgeous long-sleeves pay homage to Brisbane's native bee, the Tetragonula Carbonaria. In bright magenta on a rich green, emblazzzoned with typography on the front and sides and a large honeycomb graphic on the back featuring the native bee AND Brisbane River.

Don't get stung twice and miss out again! Click here to buy!

We’ve also got NEW SOCKS that you can acquire from the same link above! Credit goes to George Levi.

Here are photos of the socks AND Stephen (Stocky) Stockwell - Station Manager, Ez from Tranzmission (Me!), and Dom from Exit Stage Zed posing in those fabulous long-sleeves.

🌱 Bushcare Round Up - September 2nd & 3rd 🌱

They've been pullin' out weeds and puttin' up trees; it's time for; 
The Bush Care Round-up!

Big thanks to Dave from Eco Radio for helping curate this list.

🎹 RHRN - The Worm Turns 🎹

This week on Right Here Right Now - The Worm Turns were turning it up! And last year during Radiothon they won the Band Subscription Prize Draw winning some swanky new vinyls from Suitcase Records.

Click here to watch their full set back.

🎸 4ZZZ Reviews | Schkeuditzer Kreu - No Life Left 🎸

Matt Thrower tosses you a good one with this review of Schkeuditzer Kreuz album No Life Left.

To read the full review, click here.

🥁 AOTW | Tia Gostelow - Head Noise 🥁

From the AOTW Committee - "One artist who seems to be continuously played on the station is Tia Gostelow. Her single 'Sour' you've no doubt heard already quite a bit. 'Head Noise' has more gems on offer, and you'll no doubt be hearing more of them on the Zeds. Whilst this album was written during bouts of anxiety and trouble sleeping at night, the end result is a different head noise altogether - glorious pop!"

🥁 TOP 20 | Aug 19th - 26th 🥁

🥵 Hot Singles In Your Area 🥵

Our lovely music department volunteers have compiled a selection that caught their attention this August. Don’t feel guilty swiping left on these fiery singles! 

🌅 Local 🌅
Electric Prawns 2 – I’m Hooked/Knuckle Dragger
Verity Whisper & Guppy – TO-DO-A/Boneshed
Adele and the Chandeliers – More Time
Tjaka – Dancing Mood

🦘 Australian 🦘
The Native Cats – My Risks Is Art
Screensaver – Drainer
Pash – Possession

🌏 Overseas 🌏
Spirit of the Beehive – Tapeworm/Natural Devotion 2
Velvet Sunset – Me and My Friends

🌇 Cave Inn Fundraiser 🌇

If you’ve got a bit of spare change after Radiothon you might be interested in helping out our friends over at The Cave Inn

They’ve been on the brunt of a heap of noise complaints and are trying to raise some cash to soundproof the venue. 

They not only hosted Ska Trek’s 30th a couple of months back they’re also really supportive of the local music scene, so get behind them if you can.  

There’s a GoFundMe set up, so jump into that right here. 


Unintended Owl Poisoning

Have you ever heard scratching noises at night in your home? or come across small, dark brown droppings? Eek… now you’ve seen a rat scurrying across your roof! So, you put out some rat poison. Well, owls and other animals may be unintended victims of your poison.

4ZZZ’s Eliot Rifkin chatted with Stefan Hattingh, an Environmental Officer about how to handle rodent eradication responsibly without killing owls.

To listen in and know more click here.

Thanks to Toni Pankaluic & Eliot Rifkin.

🔊 BIGSOUND Next Week! 🔊

From September 5–8, some of the best up-and-coming bands on the Australian music landscape and hundreds of industry big-wigs will descend on Fortitude Valley for BIGSOUND, the southern hemisphere's largest music industry gathering.

For three days and nights, The Valley's amazing cluster of music venues will come alive with song and the streets themselves will buzz with activity. Whether you choose to go for 1 night or nab a 3-night Gold pass, BIGSOUND promises to be jam-packed with sounds we know and love alongside artists we are ready to fall head over heels for. 

Get your tix now.

🌟 Underground Theatre - The Penelopiad 🌟

Don’t miss The Queensland Shakespeare’ Ensemble’s production of THE PENELOPIAD by Margaret Atwood!

Running at PIP Theatre in Milton.
Closing September 10th!

“Now that I am dead I know everything…”
Penelope, dutiful wife of Odysseus and less beautiful cousin of Helen, is ready to tell her story. Left alone for decades while Odysseus fights in the Trojan War, Penelope must face her own battles…

The Penelopiad is a contemporary take on Homer’s The Odyssey that sees Penelope and her twelve wronged maids take centre stage. Full of live music, poetry, tragedy, and Atwood’s wicked humour! 

Get your tickets here.

🧫 BORLFF: Brisbane’s Only Repulsive Liquid Film Festival 🧫

Brisbane's Only Repulsive Liquid Film Festival (BORLFF) is a two-week celebration of the art of practical special effects in cinema - namely the iconic slime and sludge that became synonymous with Science Fiction and Horror flicks of the mid-to-late 20th century. 

BORLFF’s Repulsive Liquid program comprises a lovingly curated selection of odd and wonderful films from the 60s to the 90s, each — crucially — featuring at least one scene with the toxic slime, sludge, goo, ectoplasm & abominable viscera that became a staple of science fiction and horror films of the last century.

Netherworld & Two Bit Movie Club have teamed up with Phoebe Paradise to present a transcendent 12 film program of screenings, public talks, workshops & visual art. Expect cult genre classics such as The Fly, Prince of Darkness and The Blob and many more! 

Thursday Sept 21 2023 - Sunday Oct 1st 2023
New Farm Cinemas

Tickets on sale now!

❓ Zed Trivia ❓

Digging through some old 4ZZZ event posters recently and found this gem of a Nick Cave event from back in the UQ days of Zed.

If you’d like some more Zed Trivia why don’t you listen to the 4ZZZ Podcast - From A to Triple Z.

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