⭐ Jack McDonnell | New Station Manager ⭐

Introducing the one and only Jack McDonnell! There’s a very good chance you already know Jack if you are a regular listener on the 4ZZZ airways. He’s been around the Zed community for years, participating in various forms.

He started volunteering in the newsroom, and we've watched him excel in multiple roles, such as ZED Digital programs like Would You Like Facts With That?'and Live Delay.

MAINLY, Jack is known as one of the fantabulous hosts of Zedgeist on Tuesday mornings with Luci on 102.1FM.

He’s an indomitable announcer, local music stalwart and events whiz. He’s also got loads of radio experience and knows what’s up!

We're stoked
that someone with so much love for Zed and many radio skills is taking on the job.

🎊 He's going to be amazing! 🎊

🗣️ Talking Zeds | Les Malezer 🗣️

Joining Andrew Bartlett on Talking Zeds this week is long standing local Aboriginal activist Les Malezer. Les is descended on his father’s side from the Gubbi Gubbi / Butchulla peoples of the Mary River and K'gari region of southeast Queensland and, on his mother’s side, from the Gamiliroi peoples of northwest NSW.

As school captain, he matriculated from Inala State High School in Brisbane in 1969. He was a skilled sportsman in cricket, rugby league, tennis and basketball.  He began studies in Engineering at the University of Queensland but discontinued after being faced with racism at both study and work.

Together Andrew and Les talk about his life’s journey, music, and the future.

To listen back click here.

🏫 2024 School Based Training 🏫

We're on the hunt for a school-based trainee to work with us through 2024. It's a wonderful opportunity to learn some excellent media skills in a really fun environment. If you or someone you know is a student and you think would be interested, applications for this position are open until the 17th of November. 

To apply you can email Station Manager - Stephen Stockwell (manager@4zzz.org.au) 200 words on who they are and why they'd like to come and do this at 4ZZZ. We'd love it if they could tell us their favourite local band too. Once we've got all the applications we'll review them to find our student for 2024!

🔸 4ZZZ AGM | Reminder 🔸

Are you a 4ZZZ Subscriber? Well, if you are, the Annual General Meeting for 4ZZZ is on;

Tuesday, November 14th, at The Triffid from 7pm (Doors at 6:30pm).

This is a significant annual event for the station. It’s where you get updates on all the behind-the-scenes operations and the direction of the station, not to mention having your say when it comes to electing board members.


Check out the full details here

They've been pullin' out weeds and puttin' up trees; it's time for

🌱 Bushcare Round Up 🌱

Big thanks to Dave from Eco Radio for helping curate this list.

🎤 RHRN - The Boys 🎤

The Boys are back in town and in Studio 3! Jordan, Rachel, Ella-Jane, Laura, and Sophia pumpin’ out some great vibes over the 4ZZZ frequency. Relive the experience with the visual medium right here, right now!

Click here to watch their full set back

🥁 Album of The Week | JK-47 - Revision For Regrowth 🥁

From the AOTW Committee: Revision for Regrowth is a collaboration between JK-47 and ARIA-Award-winning hip-hop producer Jay Orient neighbours who grew up on the NSW coast over the back fence from each other. The love of music brought them back together after going separate ways for their education.

JK-47 said this album's concept was born from a lot of introspection; it's about change: acknowledging your mistakes to become a better person.

"You realise you can’t do things the way you’ve been doing them because it’s not healthy, but if you hadn’t lived the experience you wouldn’t have that perspective. When you cut something off, you gotta learn how to regrow," said JK-47.

The focus track, Zuriel, is an ode to his family, who have been an inspiration for the creation of his music, written like a soliloquy to hypnotic, jazz-infused piano.

🎶 TOP 20 | Oct 28th - Nov 4th 🎶

📰 4ZZZ NEWS | RSPCA - Heartworm Signs and Prevention 📰

Most of us have heard of dogs getting heartworm, however do you know the signs, prevention and treatment of heartworm? How prevalent are they?

4ZZZ's Eliot Rifkin chatted with Emma Lagoon from the RSPCA to tell us everything you need to know about heartworm and your pet's protection.

For a deep dive...

To listen in and know more click here

Thanks to Toni Pankaluic & Eliot Rifkin

🍻 Knocking The Top Off 🍻

This weekend! Brisbane Book Launch - Knocking The Top Off: A People’s History of Alcohol in Australia

6pm, Saturday 11 November
House Conspiracy, 42 Mollison Street, West End, Brisbane
Speakers: Anne Richards, Anne Jones, Dan O'Neill, John Willsteed and MC: Alex Ettling

This event is complete FREE!

Exploring the who, what, where and why of intoxication, Knocking The Top Off delivers an incisive alternative history of Australia. Heavily illustrated, it includes chapters and stories from across Australia, ranging from the convict era to today.

Including a significant historical retrospective on Triple Zed's early years as a chapter in this book. The piece was written with the participation of several of the station's early participants, including Margaret Bailey, Jim Beatson, John Stanwell, Gordon Curtis, Matt Mawson and Ian Curr.

To secure yourself a FREE ticket to the launch click here

To learn more about the book click here

❓ Zed Trivia | Biggest Audience Ever ❓

It was the evening of 24 October 1983. 

Amanda Collinge - “Channel 7 were running “Grease” and they agreed to have it simulcast on Triple Zed which was outrageous, and it was fantastic for the station, ‘cause they did all this promotion, and when it came to the night, there was all the typical Triple Zed stuff going to air in the commercial breaks, spots sending up the govern­ment, the “Where the drug routes of the world meet” spot, and apparently Channel 7 got bombarded with complaints, families and kids listening to it - they’d never heard anything like it before. I’m sure Channel 7 realised the error of their ways.” 

If you’d like some more Zed Trivia why don’t you listen to the 4ZZZ Podcast - From A to Triple Z 

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