Welcome to 4ZZZ’s weekly newsletter for announcers and volunteers.

It can be difficult to keep on top of all of the missives that 4ZZZ HQ disseminates week to week, so in the interest of keeping your inboxes under control and our messaging clear, we’ll be doing our darndest to compile all of our comms into one weekly mailout. ​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Obviously there will be exceptions from time to time, but consider The Newsletter Formerly Known As your Tuesday afternoon treat (named so because we expect you to be able to  regurgitate the information herein).

I hope everyone has recovered from another big weekend in Meanjin as there were plenty of gigs, protests, parties and community actions everywhere. 

I want to start off by saying it was great to catch up with a lot of people at the 48th Birthday Party and also the Vollie Party on Saturday. It’s wonderful to see a lot of Zedders getting together and catching up in what is a busy time of year. 

There are a lot of thanks to go around to everyone who helped out at these events but for the 48th Heather Anderson did an incredible job organising and also a shout out to Ben and Kate who did an epic job collecting the cans after the Vollie Party and brought them back to the station to be refunded!

Still plenty of things happening so make sure to read on and also a reminder that ‘A Farewell to Stockwell’ will be taking place on Thursday at Netherworld from around 4pm so make sure to stop by and say thanks to our favourite sleeveless person.

Stay Hydrated,


Catch of the Week - The Home Show

I loved the first episode of The Home Show this week which saw not just the return of accommodation notices but a full range of different topics to do with renting and share house living.

It was great to see people get involved in the segment ‘Dear Steve’ which included listener questions including how to take care of plants.

We all know it’s tough out there so to have a show that is providing practical information and guides is a very cool thing.


Sub Plug of the Week

After back announcing some wicked tracks on ‘From The Roots’, Georgia reminded people if they are passionate about community radio they should subscribe and directed people to the website mentioning there are a range of different subscriber options saying there is something for everyone!

Also, a shoutout to Domenico and Alex who curated a great list of tracks that are all available to be voted for in the Hot 100 and mentioned that if you’re a subscriber your votes have double  weight, it was a very natural and easy way to highlight another subscriber perk.


Top of the Charts and RHRN

Great to see a lot of changes in the charts this week with Data Wizard Nick noting 9 new entries and 6 debutants!  The prehistoric party band Velociraptor took out #1 spot, local singer songwriter Hilz came in second and alt-electro-rock artist DAMIEN took out the 3rd spot. Nice note that all of these artists (a few Raptors) are subscriber musicians.

Speaking of The Chart Show, this week Nick passed on all the music programming responsibilities to a subscriber named Jason. Jason picked ‘The Chart Show’ as his favourite show during Radiothon and as a show prize got to program a full Chart Show and it was great! Plenty of good reminders about subscribing and a nice nod to a show prize.

Featuring on RHRN this week is local indie folk group Red Hill so get your ears around it!


40 Years of The New Zealand Show!

A big shout out to The New Zealand Show who are starting their 40th year celebrations on the 12th!

It is a massive achievement and a credit to have this long running show reach this milestone and a big congratulations to Lindsay, Bernie and Jeff for all their work.

The celebration shows will be on the 12th and 19th so drop a well done and keep your eyes out for a sweet tshirt being released.


Unlocked: 40+ Years of Prison Radio at 4ZZZ

This Saturday the 16th of December there will be the launch event of ‘Unlocked’ commemorating 40 years of prison programming at 4ZZZ.

It will be a night on which to reflect on the history and relationship between prisons and 4ZZZ and on the night there will be art, music and speeches recognising this important part of Zeds history.
It’s happening at the great Banshees Bar at Ipswich, a great community focused venue and there will be a live broadcast from there on the day from 9am-1pm.

Get your tickets:


Reception Closing dates and Bonanzzza Day

Our wonderful reception crew are taking a break over the seasonal period and will be shut from 18th December to the 22nd of January.

HOWEVER, there is a one day Bonanzzza happening at the station on the 23rd of December where Reception will be open from 10am-4pm for a chance for people to get their last minute Zed merch shopping done.

Keep your ears out for a beautiful spot on this one. 


Hot 100 Voting!

Another reminder to get your votes in and keep up the messaging about getting people involved to have their say.

It’s also a good time to suggest people subscribe as the double weighting of votes for subscribers is a big incentive for people.

Also, if you are interested in the history of The Hot 100 and why it is the original and best countdown, check out episode four of the ‘From A to Triple Zed’ podcast which tells the whole story.


Hot 100 Archive on the database

Speaking of the Hot 100 there has been a massive project underway for years which is finally live.
The Hot 100 Archive is on the Database and you can search every Hot 100 since it’s inception and play tracks from the list.
If you are on the 4ZZZ Database, go to Music, Archive and then hit Hot 100 on the right hand side. You can scroll the years and play music and really get into the history of the countdown.
This has been an amazing project headed up by Kate and Pat with a lot of people helping along the way so thank you so much to all of them for keeping this history alive.


Phone Booth Reminders!

Just a reminder that in the phone booths the microphones are battery powered so if they are not working make sure to check there are batteries in the microphone first and check if they need replacing.

A note that you have to turn off the microphone after each use or it will drain the batteries unnecessarily.

There are great signs around the interview booths with instructions and also check out the wiki for more information and procedures.


Keep vigilant with cleaning

There is a wave of COVID and other bugs going around so a reminder to be vigilant about our cleaning protocols at the station. Plenty of disinfecting and wiping down of surfaces and a reminder that if you’re not feeling well, stay home and recuperate. There are a lot of people that move through our beautiful station and we need to make sure this is a safe space for everyone in our community.


KWCKA at it again!

The KWCKA crew dedicated an entire show to the song which received its namesake from this very newsletter. Outstanding effort.

Thanks for playing along! If you have any big interviews, noteworthy subs shoutouts or particularly heroic volunteering work that deserves a shout out, let me know by emailing manager@4zzz.org.au by 2pm Mondays. Got any burning questions about the studio, station policy or other FAQs? Check the 4ZZZ Wiki out, if accessing from outside of the station use the following loging credentials: zeduser / 4zzzrules. Have a great week connecting and amplifying the voices of our local communities!