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It can be difficult to keep on top of all of the missives that 4ZZZ HQ disseminates week to week, so in the interest of keeping your inboxes under control and our messaging clear, we’ll be doing our darndest to compile all of our comms into one weekly mailout. ​​​​​​​

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I've got a cracker for you this week! There's been loads going on and heaps coming up, so make sure you read on. There's something in here that every zed vollie needs to know, from training, to announcer reminders to the 4ZZZ AGM! What a treat!

I don't want to spoil what's coming up, so I'll let you scroll down and check out the details.

As always, let me know what's up or if you need a hand with anything. You can always get me at this email.

Have a ripper week!

Stay free,


Catch of the Week - Evil Zed

Ok, so not a show, but how could I go past our biggest gig of the year! The Evil Zed! 

Back for it’s second year, this was a cracker. That’s becoming a lock in the zed calendar, which is really exciting. I never would have thought a Halloween gig would work for us, but here we are! 

Shoutout to Sam, Chris and the rest of the team who pulled that together. CJ was amazing on socials all night, making sure no-one got fomo. Michelle was a great help stage managing and Robert, Jayden, Finn, Ag, Darin, Robyn and Daria were all awesome on the merch table! 

Thanks so much to all the bands, the DJs and everyone who helped out or went along! 

So good to see everyone at this gig too. It was such a fun night with some really incredible costumes (shoutout to Georgia for taking out best costume - CJ as runner up!).

I personally loved Mitch Please’s group Mighty Boosh getup, but it’ll take me some time to come around to Polly’s Howard Moon. That was uncanny valley levels of convincing.

Sub Plug of the Week - Jordan on Liminal Space

As Liminal Space was winding to a close last Wednesday, Jordan (filling in for Ag), rolled out a ripper sub plug.

It came following a flashing sub light, with Jordan taking the opportunity to thank Ethan for supporting the station by subscribing. 

Tab also knocked out an awesome sub plug on Souljah Sistars on the weekend when the sub light went off. 

These plugs are awesome because they help those new subscribers feel part of the zed family. They’re also a great nudge for the 98% of zed listeners who aren’t subscribers to think a bit more about supporting the station. 

We’ve just matched out subscribers from October last year, which is pretty nice. Anything extra for this month is pure growth, which is excellent!


Album of the Week - Rebel Yell with Desolation

Album of the Week this week is Rebel Yell’s new LP, Desolation.

Here’s what the AotW committee has to say about it:

"Rebel Yell has long been connected with 4ZZZ. The last two albums 'Hired Muscle' (2018) and 'Fall From Grace' (2020) featured heavily on Zed playlists, not to mention the appearances at the station on shows such as RHRN. Of course, Grace Stevenson (the force behind Rebel Yell) is one-third of other local act 100%. This new album 'Desolation' makes you move in all the right ways and has some impressive collaborations (NO ZU, California Girls, Tralala Blip). Get on the dance floor." 

House Keys 2 is continuing to dominate our most played new releases, taking out the number one spot AGAIN! It was chased by Sunny Luwe’s Album of the Week and Yirinda, so there’s some awesome music coming up behind it. 



Zed Family Photo Day - This Thursday!

We’ve got a photographer coming into zed this Thursday from 1 to 3pm this Thursday to take our photos.

They’re going to set up in studio 3 and we can roll through to get portraits. It’s open to any zed vollie and you can use it for any of your zed needs - maybe even some non-zed needs too ;-)

Come on down!


Make sure you've done your AMRAP pages

We’re working through the Hot 100 eligibility for this year’s voting list, so make sure your AMRAP pages are up to date. 

We work out who’s in the shortlists from your AMRAP pages, so if you haven’t done your page, you omission could mean one of your favourite artists doesn’t make that list.

Get on it!


Hot 100 Vollie Callout

The Hot 100 is approaching and our number queen, Linda (of Alphabet Soup fame) needs a hand compiling the voting lists (THANK YOU LINDA!). 

She needs help making sure that has not been on a previous hot 100 voting list 2. The song was released between November 1 2022 and October 31 2023 3. A single artist can only have a MAXIMUM of three songs appear in the vote list.

You'll get a list of 100 songs, you can get this either via excel or google sheets. This volunteer opportunity can be done remotely.

After you fill in this google form, Linda will be in touch with more details.


November Announcer Training

We’ve got more training coming up soon! Pretty quick turnaround for this one, applications are only open for a week! 

Jump into this link to sign up.

We may have a graveyard spot or two coming in the new grid and some spots on Zed Digital, there’s a very good chance to start your own show if you’re quick about it.


Disability Open Day

Next Sunday we’re welcoming a few different disability orgs to the station to show them and some of the folks they work with around the station. 

It’s happening on November 12th from 12:30 to 2:30pm right here at zed towers.
If you're free and keen to help out with that one, or know someone who you think would like to come along, email Salty - salty@4zzz.org.au


2024 School Based Trainee Callout

We’re recruiting for our 2024 School-Based trainee. Our SBT gets paid one day a week to hang out at the station, make radio and complete a Cert III in Screen and Media. 

It’s a really fun gig, so if you know of any folks heading into year 11 or 12 next year, please let them know about this opportunity, or hit me up for more info. 

Applications are open until the 17th of November and involve applicants emailing me with 200 words about why they want to do this.
There’s some more details in the tiny picture next to this, but just email me if you want something to send on to people you think will be keen.


4ZZZ AGM - Tuesday Nov 14 @ The Triffid

As you would have all seen in your inbox last week, our Annual General Meeting is coming up in a couple of weeks - November 14 at The Triffid from 7pm (get there at 6:30pm). 

This is a really important event for the station. It’s where you get to read the annual report, station financials and elect board members. 

You can check out the full details at 4zzz.org.au/governance.
Hit me up if you’ve got any questions, or email

Thanks for playing along! If you have any big interviews, noteworthy subs shoutouts or particularly heroic volunteering work that deserves a shout out, let me know by emailing manager@4zzz.org.au by 2pm Mondays. Got any burning questions about the studio, station policy or other FAQs? Check the 4ZZZ Wiki out, if accessing from outside of the station use the following loging credentials: zeduser / 4zzzrules. Have a great week connecting and amplifying the voices of our local communities!