Welcome to 4ZZZ’s weekly newsletter for announcers and volunteers.

It can be difficult to keep on top of all of the missives that 4ZZZ HQ disseminates week to week, so in the interest of keeping your inboxes under control and our messaging clear, we’ll be doing our darndest to compile all of our comms into one weekly mailout. ​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Obviously there will be exceptions from time to time, but consider The Newsletter Formerly Known As your Monday afternoon treat (named so because we expect you to be able to  regurgitate the information herein).

Happy Tuesday! Here we go with another weekly 4ZZZ update. There's some very exciting news in here, with the announcement of our new manager.

There's also some celebrations in here - 40 years of Locked In anyone? - and some useful info and guides if you're talking about the violence that Palestinian people are being subjected to at the moment.

As always, please let me know if there's anything you need help with or want to chat about. I've also got the last chance link to the vollie survey in here, so if you don't want to say it to me directly, you can say it anonymously and indirectly through that form.



New Station Manager!

I have some very exciting news! 4ZZZ has a new station manager! The one and only Jack McDonnell! 

There’s a very good chance you know Jack. He’s been around the station for years in all sorts of capacities. We first met when he volunteered in the newsroom and it’s been amazing to watch him excel in all sorts of roles. He’s an indomindable announcer, a local music stalwart and events whiz. He’s also got loads of radio experience outside of zed, so he knows what’s up. 

Jack and I are working out his exact start dates at the moment, but you can expect to see him sitting in the manager’s chair from December when we start our handover.
Please send Jack lots of love! I'm stoked that someone with so much love for zed and so many radio skills is taking on the job. He's going to be amazing!

Catch of the Week - Radio Reversal

A shoutout for Radio Reversal has been a few weeks coming because they’ve been doing some wonderful work talking about what has been happening in Palestine. 

Last week’s show was another effort to amplify the struggle and violence that Palestinian people are facing at the moment. There were great speeches and interviews, so please go back and have a listen. You can catch up here. 

I’d also recommend listening back to their last few weeks of shows if you’ve got the time. There have been a number of great episodes recently. You can also check out this great Let’s Talk episode from Triple A. That features Chelsea Watego and David Singh talking to Dr Jamal Nabulsi about the Palestinian struggle for self-determination. 

If you’re keen to talk about what’s happening in Palestine you’re more than welcome to. Feel free to share your opinion and if you’re discussing things that have happened, make sure they’ve been reported by a reputable news organisation (and ideally cite your source). I will always back you if there are complaints and the best thing you can do to avoid them is make sure you’ve got the details of what you’re chatting about right. 

Please hit me up if you’re keen to talk about what’s happening but aren’t sure how. I can help you know where the line is so you can get nice and close without crossing it.


Sub Plug of the Week - Brisbane Line

Tony dished out a ripper of a sub plug at the start of Thursday Brisbane Line last week. 

He was introducing the show - talking about what was coming up - and then reminded listeners that they can also request songs, if they’re a subscriber. 

This was a great way into the sub plug, which included a great website plug. It was a really simple one that only took a couple of minutes.

Even though this was a super quick plug, it’s still really valuable. This plug would complement other ones people hear and could be what gives them the final push to subscribe. Always try and get at least one sub plug into your show.


Album of the Week - JK-47 with Revision for Regrowth

Our Album of the Week this week is the new release from JK-47, Revision for Regrowth. 

Here’s the skinny: Revision for Regrowth is a collaboration between JK-47 and ARIA-Award winning hip-hop producer, Jay Orient, neighbours who grew up on the NSW coast over the back fence from each other. The love of music brought them back together after going seperate ways for their education. JK-47 said this album's concept was born from a lot of introspection, it's about change: acknowledging your mistakes to become a better person. "You realise you can’t do things the way you’ve been doing them because it’s not healthy but if you hadn’t lived the experience you wouldn’t have that perspective. When you cut something off you gotta learn how to regrow," said JK-47. The focus track Zuriel is an ode to his family, who have been an inspiration for the creation of his music, written like a soliloquy to hypnotic, jazz-infused piano.

House Keys 2 has finally been felled from the most played new release spot, falling to number three behind last week’s Album of the Week from Rebel Yell and Sunny Luwe’s new record.


Station Meeting - November 29th @ 6:30pm

It’s that time of year again! Station meeting time! It’s your chance to find out what’s happening for the next grid, what’s coming up and drink a few beers (or sodas) on zed. 

This will be happening at 6:30pm upstairs at zed on Wednesday the 29th of November. It’s something that is heaps more fun in person, but if you can’t make it jump on the zoom link. 

Zoom link
Everyone is welcome to join these meetings, but they’re compulsory for announcers. As usual there will be a hidden message in the middle somewhere that we’ll expect everyone to reguirgiate on demand.


Unlocked - 40 Years of Locked In

So this is very exciting! Locked In is 40 years old and to celebrate the crew are throwing a party at Banshees. This is a really special and an exclusive zed event, so check out the details below. 

This is a Zed event, not open to the public outside of the folks invited by Locked In, so please don’t share the link outside of our community. 


We invite you to Unlocked: 40 years of prison radio at 4ZZZ, opening at Banshees in Ipswich on the 16th December 2023. 

Launch night is open exclusively to 4ZZZ and tickets can only be purchased for $25 with the code zedannouncer or zedvolunteer from this link: 


Please note, there are only 60 tickets available for opening night! 

Those who are already volunteering at Unlocked do not need to purchase a ticket, your names are on the door list. 

Ballzzz in the Air will kick off the outdoor broadcast from Banshees at 9am, and the 7 days of ZedMas starts the following Monday, with the art exhibition running through to Feb 2024.


Last chance for the vollie survey

You’ve only got one day to get this done! If you haven’t already, jump in now. It should only take five minutes and you can be anonymous. I'm going to close it on Wednesday morning, so don’t wait!

Here’s the link.

That’s it, just get it done!



Ok, so I got a few things wrong last week. Time to correct the record.

Evil Zed the other weekend was in fact our third Evil Zed, not the second. We also ran that in 2019, which I totally blanked on.

Also, I forgot to thank Stephen for all his help with merch at Evil Zed too! Sorry! 

Thanks for playing along! If you have any big interviews, noteworthy subs shoutouts or particularly heroic volunteering work that deserves a shout out, let me know by emailing manager@4zzz.org.au by 2pm Mondays. Got any burning questions about the studio, station policy or other FAQs? Check the 4ZZZ Wiki out, if accessing from outside of the station use the following loging credentials: zeduser / 4zzzrules. Have a great week connecting and amplifying the voices of our local communities!