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It can be difficult to keep on top of all of the missives that 4ZZZ HQ disseminates week to week, so in the interest of keeping your inboxes under control and our messaging clear, we’ll be doing our darndest to compile all of our comms into one weekly mailout. ​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Obviously there will be exceptions from time to time, but consider The Newsletter Formerly Known As your Monday afternoon treat (named so because we expect you to be able to  regurgitate the information herein).

Hey nerds,

Great feedback from this gender-neutral saluation last week, so I'm trotting it out again. I'm not going to spend too long waxing lyrical here because there's a heap for you below. Read on for the latest on Radiotimes, station tours, tipping comps and accessibility.

No real staff movements except that Ian Powne is back on deck from this Wednesday for all your programming coordinator needs. It was a decent run, but all good things come to an end.

Hit me up if you have any questions or need a hand with anything. You know where to find me (if you don't it's at this email address, on slack or at the station during the week).



Catch of the Week - Jack's Zedgiest Farewell

Our dearest Brisbane Boy Jack McDonnell is leaving us for the green, green pastures of his mother country, Ireland. 

By my count, Jack has been around zed for about a decade and has been an incredible contributor in that time. He started in the newsroom, moved into hosting great music shows and now runs a label and puts on Sonic Masala with Branko. 

Fortunately this isn’t for ever, it’s hoped he’ll be back in 6 months, so if Ian and I don’t spike Zedgiest before then there’s still hope to hear Jack in your ear holes again. 
Jump in and listen to the last 20 odd minutes of the show to hear Jack feel very uncomfortable as people shower him in praise. 

4ZZZ will miss you, Jack! Please come back.

Sub Plug of the Week - Manny on Restless Treats

I’ve spent a bit of time enjoying the fruits of Zed Digital over the last week and was able to enjoy a beautiful little cherry of sub plug as I got to the end of Restless Treats. 

Manny put together a really well balanced show last Monday, with a really interesting mix of music. It was the sub plug as he wrapped up that caught me though.

This was as he was talking through how people can listen back to the show (or any zed show for that matter). He sent them to the website and without breaking stride, he encouraged folks to subscribe while they were there. 

Very simple and very effective. You can listen to it at the end of the show here.

Please remember to sub plug whether you’re on Zed Digi or 102.1.  Of the Zed Digi shows I heard over the last week, only a couple sub plugged. Try to make them a regular part of the show so you don’t forget.

They really do work. On 102.1, they’ve been coming thick and fast, which has made a difference this month. We’re heading toward the end of the month with around 70% more subscribers than we had in February last year. 

Thanks for all your work making the sort of great radio and encouraging people to support us.


Album of the Week - Summer Flake with One Less Thing.

Its Album of the Week reveal time (unless you’ve already checked the Database/ our socials). Props to Summer Flake for taking the title, with their release, One Less Thing. 

Here’s the write-up from the AotW committee:

Summer Flake are back with their latest release ‘One Less Thing’. Recorded in February of 2022, this fresh dream pop album feels like the perfect end to our summer run of featured albums. Recently reviewed on The New Releases Show by Chris Cobcroft with words from 4ZZZ Alumni Cam Smith and Grace Pashley, Summer Flake has been on heavy rotation across the Zed airwaves with each new release. Enjoy!

Speaking of heavy rotation, Baby Cool made the most of benign AotW last week, coming in at number 1 on our most played. They held off the latest release from VOIID which came in at number 2, with Square rounding out the top 3.


Radiotimes in the house!

It’s here! Our latest edition of Radiotimes! There are copies at Reception, in the post to your house if you asked for a printed version, or on their way to your inbox. How exciting!

This is the fruits of Kloe Phelan, who has stepped up as editor this year, along with a heap of contributors who helped with everything from articles, to layout and design. 

Thanks heaps for all your work, Kloe and co. This edition has some wonderful articles and looks absolutely beautiful as well! 

Please grab one next time you’re around the station.


Accessibility Survey

As you would have all seen in your inboxes on Saturday, we’re asking some questions about what we can do to make zed more accessible. 

There’s already been a heap of people who’ve jumped in with some great ideas and very useful feedback. We’ll be able to make changes based on those notes, but would love for some more thoughts so we can try and prioritise the areas of highest need.   

You can hop into the survey here - https://forms.gle/joXGfZDP5YpAC3R47 

It’s open for a couple more weeks, but if you do this now you’ll get to feel real smug when I send out the reminders.



Please text Ian Prideaux for urgent show fill-ins

A reminder for anyone who needs a show fill-in, if it’s urgent (needed in less than 24 hours) please flick a text to our Annoucer Coordinator, Ian Prideaux. His number is on the wiki (login details at the bottom of this email) and on the wall in the studio so you can put it in your phone next time you're in.

If you’ve got a few days (or ideally a week’s notice) that you won’t be able to make it in for your show, please email Ian - ac@4zzz.org.au - but in those urgent situations a text gets the wheels moving more quickly. 

Let me know if you’ve got any questions


Station Tour Guide Callout

Now everyone seems heaps more chill about being around people and going places, we’re going to invite them here! 

To help us show people around Zed Towers we’re chasing folks to help out. If you’re someone who has been around zed for a bit, feels like you know a bit about the place and don’t mind chatting to folks, let us know!

We’re expecting these tours would last about an hour, with a short Q&A at the end. There will be some resources for you to lean on, if you’re not sure about some parts of the history, but you’ll also be given a bit of free reign. I’m hoping there’ll be a little something-something to make it worth your while too. 

If you’re keen to help email Ez at community@4zzz.org.au and he’ll fill you in with more details.


Dad changed the locks

That’s right! We’re pulling a Frenzal Romb. 

This is to tighten up who has access to the station without needing to be buzzed in. Keys had been reserved for folks who host a show that starts at 6am, in case a graveyard announcer hasn’t been able to make it in for whatever reason. This group expanded over COVID, so we’re reining it in a bit.

We’ll probably make this happen over the next week or two. 
If you’re outside of that early morning cohort but think you need a key, hit me up and we can chat about it. If you’re a 6am host, I’ll be in touch.


Ballzzz in the Air Tipping Comp

This one comes from Anthony the Accountant of Ballzzz in the Air fame. Read on:

A call out to all Zedsters who fancy themselves as a tipster – or who just want to have a bit of fun!  

With the Rugby League season just around the bend (pending various negotiations between players and officialdom of course), it is time to start harnessing your inner tipster!  

The Ballzzz in the Air Qld Cup Tipping Competition is once again about to start.   This annual affair has been hotly contested in seasons gone by, and this season (we hope!) will be no different.  

Our Ballzzz in the Air Research team has determined that this is THE ONLY TIPPING QLD CUP COMPETITION IN THE ENTIRE WORLD – accordingly, our winner will be the UNDISPUTED BEST QLD CUP TIPSTER ON THE PLANET! (cue triumphal trumpet notes and an imaginary rain of sparkling confetti).  

Dream of the glory! Imagine the bragging rights (admittedly within a somewhat select circle)!  

Don’t you be thinking “Oh I can’t do this – I know nothing about the Qld Cup.” Footy tipping is more of an art than a science. Knowledge is optional, and just like team allegiances, it can actually get in the way of success sometimes...   BUT WAIT – there’s MORE…   There are prizes! Well, “A” Prize. For station subscribers. Yes, our winning top tipster (provided that they are also a 4ZZZ sub) will score the fabled Ballzzz in the Air Root Tray. Ummm, okay – as the name implies, it is a tray full of root vegetables. No, really… we are serious!  

So – glory, bragging right, AND veggies could all be yours!  

How can you be part of such fun times? Get yourself across to:  https://www.faceyoursfears.com/games/BallzzzInTheAir2023/join

Thanks for playing along!

If you have any big interviews, noteworthy subs shoutouts or particularly heroic volunteering work that deserves a shout out, let me know by emailing manager@4zzz.org.au by 2pm Mondays.

Got any burning questions about the studio, station policy or other FAQs? Check the 4ZZZ Wiki out, if accessing from outside of the station use the following loging credentials: zeduser / 4zzzrules.

Have a great week connecting and amplifying the voices of our local communities!