Welcome to 4ZZZ’s weekly newsletter for announcers and volunteers.

It can be difficult to keep on top of all of the missives that 4ZZZ HQ disseminates week to week, so in the interest of keeping your inboxes under control and our messaging clear, we’ll be doing our darndest to compile all of our comms into one weekly mailout. ​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Obviously there will be exceptions from time to time, but consider The Newsletter Formerly Known As your Monday afternoon treat (named so because we expect you to be able to  regurgitate the information herein).

What's up nerds! I hope you all kept hydrated last week as we sweltered away. Hopefully things are a much more managable 30 or so degrees this week (at least for the sake of the zed aircon).

Training applications and the disability survey have now closed. I'll get in touch over the next couple of weeks if you did the disability survey and wanted to chat. Ian will be in touch to arrange training if you applied for that. We've got the first group kicking off this weekend, which is exciting!

Things are picking up steam ahead of April Atonement. We've got Access All Areas next weekend and some celebrations for Triple A's 30th (thanks to Salty for doing the vollie callouts - bit more on them below too). I've also go some artwork to show off here.

Read on for the rest of the goss and hit me up if there's anything you need from me.

Stay free,


April Atonement Cometh

As you would have seen in Zedletter last week, April Atonement is coming! 

Before you ask, April Atonement runs for all of April. From the 1st to the 30th. The whole month!

This means a whole month of promoting the value of subscribing to those who listen but don’t subscribe, those who used to subscribe but dropped off and our April Atonees from 2022. 

I’ll have more notes for you next week, including the April Atonement announcer guide, a full list of prizes (from places like The Zoo, Nura headphones and UrbanClimb) and the return of my lauded April Atonement Apprisal. Buckle up! 

Huge thank you to Lizard from Art Cart for creating this outstanding artwork. I all hope you become fast friends with the various characters you’re going to meet over the next six weeks. 

Catch of the Week - AI Know Idea

There was some really excellent programming over the last week, from Bella stepping up for Right Here, Right Now, to Ben on Talking Zeds, it was hard to settle on Catch of the Week. 

Know Idea were just a cut above though, with Max making AI voice clones of the whole team.

The show started with AI Jay (who is in the US at the moment) before unveiling the rest of the replacements later in the show.

It was absolutely uncanny. Max only had to upload a few minutes of each person's voice to get an uncanny resemblance of them, right down to the breaths and vocal tics (I look forward to my version ending every statement with, “...so, yeah.”).

The whole thing was a very clever use of our medium to demonstrate this new tech. Top work, Know Idea.
Definitely jump into the link to listen back.


Sub Plug of the Week - Thursday Brisbane Line

There was a great plug by Tony on Brisbane Line last Thursday. Just as the show was getting going the sub light went off and Tony was able to thank Kerian for subscribing to zed. 

After thanking Kerian Tony then went on to remind everyone that April Atonement is just around the corner, so they can start saving their pennies for that.

Sure, there was also room to talk up sub prices and to point people to the website, but we know it’s the cumulative effort of lots of different subscriber messaging that gets people across the line so this is still very valuable. 

Thanks Tony!


Album of the Week - Primitive Motion, Portrait of an Atmosphere

We’ve got some locals reclaiming Album of the Week this week, with Primitive Motion taking the crown.

From the AotW committee: "This week we pay tribute to local experimental duo Primitive Motion. Fresh from their enchanting set supporting The Chills, comes their latest album 'Portrait Of An Atmosphere'. Leighton Craig and Sandra Selig have been delighting our earholes at 4ZZZ for over a decade now with their sonic experiments - from bent pop workouts, dreamy eco soundtracks, to sound poems - songs drenched in reverb and delay. We've totally been here for it. This is a record to meditate on, to let flow over you. It just further emphasises how rich our local music scene is." 

You’ve all been giving Locust Revival a good rip over the last week, enough for them to claim the most played new release. They’re followed by VOIID and Doggie Heaven, rounding out an all local top three. 

It’s also time for my quarterly shoutout to Nicholas Jones, who sources all the playlist data I use to write these briefs. Thanks for making it sound like I know what I’m talking about, Nick.


Access All Areas Vollie Callout

Less than two weeks until our Access All Areas fundraiser and we need some folks to help out. 

It’s all happening at The Triffid on April 2 and we’re looking for people who can help with merch, look after people and take photos. 

If that’s you (and you want a free ticket), hit this link.



As you may have noticed, some of the posters in the hallway have been torn down. This is because people have been opening the door to people who they don’t know, who’ve then come in and vandalised zed. 

It’s pretty simple. If you don’t recognise who is at the door, don’t open it. 

As you all know, you’re responsible for the station if you’re on-air out of hours. It’s really important to keep a close eye on who is coming and going. If you don’t know someone, don’t let them in. 

Don’t worry about someone getting upset about not being let in. They should also understand the need to keep the building secure. If you have any dramas or aren’t sure what to do, just give me a call and I can help sort it.

Thanks for playing along! If you have any big interviews, noteworthy subs shoutouts or particularly heroic volunteering work that deserves a shout out, let me know by emailing manager@4zzz.org.au by 2pm Mondays. Got any burning questions about the studio, station policy or other FAQs? Check the 4ZZZ Wiki out, if accessing from outside of the station use the following loging credentials: zeduser / 4zzzrules. Have a great week connecting and amplifying the voices of our local communities!