🥰 4ZZZ's AGM 2023 🥰

Earlier this week was 4ZZZ's Annual General Meeting, where members of the 4ZZZ community (subscribers) get updates on all the behind-the-scenes operations and the direction of the station, not to mention electing new board members!

As a result we are thrilled to welcome our new board member Alexis Pink and to congratulate our returning board members Ben Ryan, Andrew Ross, Ruth Gardner, and Anthony Rutherford. 

A special mention goes to Denise Foley for her 10 years working alongside the Zed community helping build the foundations for the radio excellence we achieve day in and day out.

A special acknowledgment to those who put their hands up for a position. We are so grateful to everyone's passion for our not-so-little radio community. If last night was an example of the community spirit fostered within 4ZZZ we are set for another outstanding year of community broadcasting brilliance.

If you'd like to know more about 4ZZZ's governance you can click here.

♿ Disability Open Day ♿

On Sunday we opened the doors for our first Disability Open Day. This involved hosting the space for some locals who were interested in volunteering in our 4ZZZ home.

This is a result that comes from filing out those Google Forms from over the last few weeks so thank you for reaching out to us.

Thanks to the wonderful Salty, Belle and Owen for putting it all together. It was a great way to bring people into the station and learn a heap about how accessible this space is. There’s lots we need to do, but there’s some things that are easier than we thought they’d be!

Here are some happy faces from the day!

🏳️‍⚧️ Transgender Awareness Week 🏳️‍⚧️

From November 13th to 19th leading up to Trans Day of Remembrance is a time to raise awareness of the issues that impact the trans and gender diverse community. It’s a time for allies to work alongside trans folk to help improve lives and create a more fair and equal world for everyone. 

Courtesy to Minus 18 Youth for the below info.

Becoming an ally to people who are transgender and non-binary is an ongoing process. The following are several tips that can be used as you work towards becoming a better ally. This list isn’t exhaustive but will provide you with a starting place as you learn more about gender identities.

Whether it’s hurtful language, remarks or jokes, call it out if it’s inappropriate. Seek out other allies who will support you in this effort.

Not sure which pronouns someone uses? Just ask! Then use that pronoun and encourage others to do so. It’s okay if you make a mistake—just be sure to correct it and move on.

A person who’s questioning their gender identity might shift back and forth as they find out what pronoun works for them. Be kind and respectful—this includes being respectful of their names, pronouns and bodies.


A group of local filmmaking activists have produced a documentary that you can watch for FREE on issues affecting the community within Meanjin and around the country. If you have time to watch and support these creators you absolutely should.

CONTENT WARNING: This documentary discusses topics including mental health, transphobia, suicide, depression, anxiety, and gender dysphoria.

“Uncovered Lives" follows filmmaker Kai Wharton as he searches for ways to help other transgender Australians seeking gender-affirming care. Knowing first-hand how life-saving this care can be, Kai sets out to examine the obstacles that impede trans people seeking medical care. He investigates why Medicare does not cover trans healthcare, and how this lack of financial accessibility takes a massive toll on transgender Australians. Through intimate interviews with trans people struggling for the care they desperately need, a leading professional in Australian trans healthcare, and a trans politician, Kai uncovers a loving and powerful community with a real shot at making change—against insanely stacked odds.

To watch the documentary click here.

To learn more about Uncovered Lives click here.

4ZZZ also has a broadcast on Tuesday mornings (9am) that is exclusively produced by the trans community for the trans community called Tranzmission on 102.1FM.

This week’s episode was about the AusPATH (Australian Professional Association for Trans Health) Conference in Naarm. Ellen from Megaherzzz and Ez spoke about access to trans health care in so-called-Australia sharing experiences, thoughts and interviews with Jackie Turner from the Trans Justice Project, Neccho Broochi on trans lives in prison as well as Lucy Solonsch chatting about peer models of care and autonomy centering care for trans folk.

If you'd like to listen back to the episode you can listen On Demand or the Community Radio Plus app click here.

They've been pullin' out weeds and puttin' up trees; it's time for

🌱 Bushcare Round Up 🌱

Big thanks to Dave from Eco Radio for helping curate this list.


Knocking your socks off this week in Studio 3 was WILDHEART! With their melodic hardcore sounds and layin it on thick & heavy with crushingly good vocals. You don’t wanna miss this so… 

Click here to watch their full set back.

🥁 AOTW | The Blankettes - Witch On My Chest 🥁

From the AOTW Committee - "The Blankettes are a local band getting lots of airplay on the station of late, especially with singles 'Wide Brown Land' and 'Two Fish'. Both singles feature on the debut EP 'Witch On My Chest', an EP whilst a jangly guitar toe tapper also could be an exercise in catharsis for lead singer and one time 4ZZZ Station Manager Grace Pashley. It's all types of Brispop goodness. And well, there's something we want to get off our chests at the Zeds too - we love supporting local music!"  

🎶 TOP 20 | Nov 4th - Nov 11th 🎶

📰 4ZZZ NEWS | National Action Plan for Australia’s most imperilled plants 📰

Most of us are aware of threatened species, however did you know there is an imperilled plant list? 

Plants can go extinct too AND locally one of Australiaʻs most imperilled plants is located right here in a Brisbane suburb.

4ZZZʻs Eliot Rifkin chatted about Imperilled Plants with Greg Tasney

For a deep dive…

To listen in and know more click here

Thanks to Toni Pankaluic & Eliot Rifkin


Fresh from their Mercury win, the genre-melting London jazz heavyweights touchdown at Brisbane Powerhouse next week. 

The molten hot five-piece are on a victory lap after taking home this year's Mercury Prize. Expect to see a high-energy, non-stop dancefloor and hear a sound that is unmistakably London.  


🎭 Dead Puppet Society Wreath Making Social 🎭

Pop the bubbly and push the benches together and join theatre masterminds Dead Puppet Society for a festive-themed after-hours making party. At their upcoming Christmas Wreath Making DPS Social, you will be guided through a hands-on workshop to make a wreath inspired by native flora. Cut your materials with the laser cutter before designing and assembling your wreath, and take home an original handmade treasure. This is an opportunity to work with the company’s artisans in the Fabrication Workshop where they make the puppets and props seen on stage in their smash hit productions.

Get ready for a night filled with creativity, fun, and great company at this unique event celebrating the silly season.

Time: 6.30pm - 9pm
Dates: Thursday 30th November, Friday 8th December, Thursday 14th December
Cost: $135 + GST

Get tickets here

💼 Suitcase Showcase 💼

Suitcase Showcase is a not-for-profit compilation album designed to support local independent artists just in time for Aus Music Month & the end of year’s gift-giving frenzy. The 10 tracks included were chosen through a popular vote by fans, from around four dozen artists whose albums Suitcase Records have pressed in vinyl this year. It is a wild mix of alt country, rock, dub jazz punk and metal and the lovely Suitcase Records team are very proud of it!

It’s available in classic black as well as a waste-fighting dealers’ choice ‘regrind’ colour option!

All profits from the sale of the album will be split between the musicians who are featured and a share will also go to Support Act. 

Check out the track listing & order your copy here

❓ Zed Trivia | 4ZZZ’s 10th Birthday at the Rialto❓

Here are some photos from 4ZZZ's 10th birthday party at the Rialto on Sunday 8th December 1985. Thank you to Patrick Whitman for supplying these images.

If you’d like some more Zed Trivia why don’t you listen to the 4ZZZ Podcast - From A to Triple Z 

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