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That's right, the 4ZZZ Hot 100 for 2023 is open for voting TOMORROW! Vote for your favourite artists and songs by heading to hot100.4zzz.org.au on the 1st of December.

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Special thanks to Emetic for this year’s Hot 100 Art! You’ll be seeing a lot more of it on the Zed socials in the coming weeks so if you’d like to check out more of their stuff click here.

🌱 Free Public Art Tour - Eco Radio 🌱

Join Izzy & Dave from Eco Radio for a FREE PUBLIC ART TOUR - This Saturday, December 2nd, from 1PM at 136 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley - The culmination of the Everyday Adaptations project run this year in collaboration with different organisations around Fortitude Valley and 4ZZZ will be there!

The Everyday Adaptations project sought to creatively address the climate crisis by engaging the community through a series of free art workshops, run with Visible Ink Youth Hub, 4zzz, Humanitas Democratic High School, Open Doors Youth Service, Brisbane Emergency Relief Hub, Art From The Margins, Micah Projects, Hymba Yumba, Calamvale Special School and Collum Beach Christian Collage. These workshops provided space for discussion and understanding, forming beneficial relationships with community members, services, and places through the artistic process.

Guided by artists and speakers, engage with the public artworks made in response to discussions of the climate crisis, environment and adaptation, and enjoy place-based performances along the tour!

For more info and to reserve a spot for the walking tour head to www.linktr.ee/artfromthemargins 

🥳 New Kids on The Block and Saying Goodbye to Old Favourites 🥳

We have five shows finishing up this year which is super sad however this is a natural part of community radio. As the times are changing so do the sounds of the community. So farewell to Art Cart, I Spy, Eat Worms, The Oubliette, Duck Stab and the New Releases Show is taking a break (on hiatus).

As we say goodbye to some we welcome NEW SHOWS to the 4ZZZ Grid: Pash Planet (Friday 1 to 3pm), The Raveyard (Saturday 2 to 6am), Dead Before Dawn (Wednesday 2 to 6am), The Home Show (Wednesday 9 to 10am), Goo (Wednesday 3 to 6pm), Night Slug (Thursday 2 to 6am) and From The Roots (Thursday 1 to 3pm).

For more info on new shows in the coming weeks you should follow our social media here.

👕 Australia Music T-Shirt Day 👕

Today, November 30th, is Aus Music T-Shirt Day which is a great way to show support for all the people that work within the live music industry. Celebrating Aussie music and raising urgently-needed funds for music workers in crisis. Funds raised from the campaign go towards helping Support Act continue its crucial work supporting musicians, managers, crew and music workers through crisis relief, mental health and wellbeing programs, the Support Act Wellbeing Helpline, Mentally Healthy Workplaces Program and dedicated First Nations support.

If you'd like to know more about AUS MUSIC T-SHIRT DAY head to the Support Act website.

Here are some awesome Zed folk representing Aus Music Talent!

Steven from The Home Show wearing Ed Kuepper
Ian from Brighten the Corners wearing Custard
Izzy from Eco Radio & Know Idea wearing Sacred Hearts
Max from Know Idea wearing Jaguar Jones
Bella from Right Here, Right Now wearing Kurilpa Reach
Liz from Art Cart wearing Naaki Soul
Josh from Dark Essence wearing DAMIEN
Colin 4ZZZ Vollie wearing Death by Carrot
Georgia from From The Roots wearing King Stingray
Robert from this! wearing The Snouts
Ez from Tranzmission wearing Moju
Jazz Production Coordinator wearing The Cat Empire

If you'd like to know more about AUS MUSIC T-SHIRT DAY here is a link

🎀 World AIDS Day - Queer Radio 🎀

World AIDS Day which is this Friday, 1st of December, WAD is an international day that began in 1988. It’s held on 1st of December each year to help raise awareness about HIV and AIDS.  

On Queer Radio this week, esteemed host Blair Martin had a visit from Adam Finch from Qld Positive People came to speak on the significance of the day and while 35 years have passed since the first WAD, HIV/AIDS it is still here. 

If you’d like to listen back to their chat click here and if you liked more information about World AIDS Day click here. 

They've been pullin' out weeds and puttin' up trees; it's time for

🌱 Bushcare Round Up 🌱

Big thanks to Dave from Eco Radio for helping curate this list.

🎤 RHRN - Worm Girlz 🎤

This week we were blessed with the company of Worm Girlz in Studio 3 with the Right Here, Right Now crew! 

Click here to watch their full set back.

🥁 AOTW | The Nam Shub Of Enki - DUNNING KRUGER 🥁

From the AOTW Committee - "For the last 4ZZZ AOTW of the year we salute a local gem - The Nam Shub of Enki. If you love Monster Zoku Onso and listen to Electric Crush on Friday nights 102.1 FM, you'll probably be already prepped on this experimental psychedelic techno flavouring. But! Without further ado, let's rave to the end of 2023!"

🎶 TOP 20 | Nov 18th - Nov 25th 🎶

📰 4ZZZ NEWS | Current Research in Koala Chlamydia Vaccines 📰

Many of us Queenslanders are lucky to have koalas living amongst us.

To keep our koalas thriving and safe…

We take precautions driving slow in ʻkoala-signedʻ road areas, keeping our dogs and koalas apart and protecting mature 40-year old plus trees which koalas call home.  

Many of us are also aware that our koala populations are suffering from general diseases like chlamydia.

What are the implications for them and what is being done to battle koala chlamydia?

4ZZZ's Eliot Rifkin and Toni Pankaluic chatted about current research in koala chlamydia vaccines with Kenneth Beagley a Professor of Immunology from QUTʻs School of Immunology

For a deep dive...

To listen in and know more click here

Thanks to Toni Pankaluic & Eliot Rifkin

🎶 Rock the Bay this Sunday Dec 3rd! 🎶

Wynnum Fringe Festival presents Rock the Bay featuring Aussie legends Daryl Braithwaite
and Marcia Hines, joined by international funk sensations The Bamboos and indie rocker
Hope D.

 An outdoor stage, bars, rides, a VIP area, food, games for young people, an airconditioned roller disco & dance zone, and chart-topping music all in one place – the
Wynnum Fringe Garden. This is the must see concert experience of the season!

 Score exclusive $99 tickets, saving $21 using code 4ZZZRTB99 
It’s on this Sunday from 1PM at Wynnum Fringe; don’t miss it!

Click here for tix

🍻 Free Gigs in The Triffid Garden 🍻

Keen to see some free gigs? Discover your new favourite local acts in The Triffid Garden every week!

Catch sets from Mister John Elroy, Harriet Wensley, Maggie Elysse & Harry Kidd for Acoustic Wednesdays this December.

On Fridays, for ‘Songs You Know & Love’, enjoy L.R. Marsh & Andy McCabe.

Then, finish the week off with December’s Sunday Residents: Melody Graves and the Hokum Redemption.

All live & free in The Triffid’s accessible & pup-friendly beer garden!

Check out all the details & plan your visit here.

✨ Theremonic by Emergence Collective ✨

Emergence Collective presents ‘Theremonic’; an entirely interactive exhibition in collaboration with Fin Wegener of the Abstract Human Radio and contemporary choreographer, Lauren Sherlock.

On the 8th and 9th of December from 6pm at Vent Space, you can explore their audio visual, projection mapped interactive exhibition with live performance.

‘Theremonic’ also showcases the work of eight local emerging artists who are critically engaging with virtual and digital worlds throughout their art practice:

Connor Andree-Evarts
Dean Ansell 
Tess King 
Jack Lacey 
Amy Vowels 
Micah Rustichelli
Kirralee Robinson

Tickets are only $15! Get yours here

For more information, visit @Emergence.Collective on Instagram. 

❓ Zed Trivia | Beyond The Dark Horizon❓

Beyond The Dark Horizon is a publication of green anarchist art, poetry, stories, rants from 'so called-Australia.' This is something that I think 4ZZZ listeners and community members would love to check out.  

They have some digital copies that you can access from their website here. Donations are welcome to help them run some events in the future.

"We are in a new epoch of breakdown. what will it mean to not have a horizon ... to have no map of how to act ... to have only shifting sands to cling to and be in a world radically different than that of the last 10000+ years? What does green anarchy mean today."

If you’d like some more Zed Trivia why don’t you listen to the 4ZZZ Podcast - From A to Triple Z

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