🤘 WE ARE OPEN FOR 2024!🤘

That's right we're back and reception is open! We have lovely volunteers waiting to be of service to you.

4ZZZ Reception Hours are:

Monday - CLOSED
Tuesday to Friday - 10 AM - 4 PM
Saturday - 10 AM - 2PM

Sunday - CLOSED

We are located at 264 Barry Parade Fortitude Valley and it's always best practice to give us a call in advance on 3252 1555.

📝 Unlocked Presents: Zine Workshop 📝

As part of the Unlocked exhibit Banshees Bar & Artspace is hosting a Zine workshop with Jeremy Staples.

Calling all political artists and creatives and any one who likes air conditioning! 

Join us this Sunday 4th at Banshees at 2pm. Hear from political art activists and learn how to make a Zine to get your message across.

All materials are provided, the workshop costs $10! get 'em tix here

👕 New Zealand Show Anniversary Tee 👕

Celebrate 40 years of Kiwi attitude on 4ZZZ's airwaves with this special edition New Zealand Show Tee featuring the art of one of their own Bernie Ham on a natural AS colour tee.

If you'd like to get your hands on one of these fully sick tees click here

To listen back to the 40th celebration you can tune in here. The New Zealand Show is every Tuesday, 8-10PM on 102.1FM 

✊🏻✊🏽✊🏾 Invasion Day Coverage ✊🏻✊🏽✊🏾

Listen back to the Invasion / Survival Day rally in Magandjin and hear all of the speeches, get among the action of the march to shut down the cricket at the Gabba, on a massive day of remembrance, resistance, solidarity and love.

You can hear the Soul-Jah Sistars' takeover by listening back:

9-10am: Pineapple Rebellion  
10am-12pm: Friday Neon 
12-1pm: Paradigm Shift 

Thanks to everyone who made this amazing broadcast possible.

From the river to the sea, always was always will be!

🎁 Monthly Subscriber Prize | 9 Degrees 🎁

Each month we offer a prize to one lucky Zedhead who subscribes or renews their subscription to 4ZZZ within that calendar month & elects to be included in the monthly prize draw.

February's prize has been generously donated by the wonderful folks at 9 Degrees!
9 Degrees invite you to discover the joy of climbing in their fully air-conditioned & parking-friendly indoor bouldering gyms - one in Morningside & the other in Enoggera. 

From balance and agility to strength and coordination, the gym-wide circuits cater to every fitness level, including absolute beginners. Their gyms are also completely carbon neutral & they donate 1% off all profits to Rainforest Rescue - green flags all round!

If you're the winning subscriber of February's prize, you can enjoy a whole month of climbing in 9 Degrees gyms - we've done the calcs & that's up to 235 hours of bouldering &/or dogwatching! 9 Degrees will hook you up with an intro session, shoe hire & a friendly environment to get you started; the rest is up to you.

To subscribe now for your chance to win click here

🏠 Building The Scene Podcast 🏠

Woven into the fabric of Brisbane’s history is a very visible, yet crucially unrecognised part of our social culture. Where great names have been built on stages, city streets and town halls… the history of the walls which held these grand events are often left unspoken.

Building the Scene is an episodic podcast that looks to shine a light on the history of some of Brisbane’s most iconic, unknown and revolutionary nightlife venues. Each part of the story diving into facets of culture relayed from first hand accounts and extrapolated by industry specialists.

Built by a team of passionate researchers, audio engineers, and radio personalities, Building The Scene contains stories ranging from incredible changes and progression in Brisbane’s society down to the seedy underbelly of the city.

To listen to the podcast click here

Sponsored by the Brisbane City Council Creative Sparks program, Building The Scene offers enchanting and passionate stories for all listeners who are intrigued by what has happened behind hallowed halls of iconic nightlife venues.

🕊️ Art of Courage Ukraine 🕊️

An Immersive Theatre Experience Illuminating the Unyielding Spirit of Ukraine

February 3rd - 17th, 2024
6:00 PM and 7:45 PM
PIP Theatre, 20 Park Rd, Milton, QLD, 4064

"Art of Courage," is a not-for-profit immersive theatre performance that unveils a gripping tale of hope, resilience, and the spirit of the Ukrainian people. This captivating journey through the soul of Ukraine promises to be a profound exploration of history, tradition, and the enduring power of courage.

Experience ancient pagan traditions, witness haunting readings, the bloom of young romances, and join a quest for the elusive fern flower – a symbol of hope in despair. Dive into history’s pages, where the Ukrainian intelligentsia challenged the Soviet Union in the 1930s. Feel the anguish of Holodomor – a deliberate act of starvation meant to subdue a nation. Stand with the defiant spirits who dared the streets of Maidan, rallying against a president controlled by R*ssia. An ode to Ukrainian courage and a beacon of hope for freedom, audiences are sure to leave with the undeniable truth that courage and unity can illuminate even the darkest of times.

All profits from this production will be donated to Razom for Ukraine to support children
affected by the war.

Tickets for "Art of Courage" are now available at www.piptheatre.org/artofcourage/ for more information about the production, please visit their website www.artofcourageukraine.org 

They've been pullin' out weeds and puttin' up trees; it's time for 

🌱 Bushcare Round Up 🌱

Big thanks to Dave from Eco Radio for helping curate this list.

🎤 RHRN - Alison Road 🎤

Alison Road joined us in Studio 3 this Tuesday. After receiving much love from us here at 4ZZZ we were so excited to host their live set in our station. Tune in to see what number 48 in our Hot 100 is all about. 

Click here to watch their full set back 

🥵 Hot Singles In Your Area 🥵

Nine singles for your listening pleasure. Our lovely music department volunteers compiled a selection that caught their attention this January.

Don’t feel guilty swiping left...

☀️ Local â˜€ď¸
Asha Jefferies - Brand New Bitch
Mitch, Please - Morris Mentum
Melaleuca - Dog Licking
Yirinda - Nyun

🦘 Australian đŸŚ˜
Emma Donovan - Lovin' Looks Like
Denzel Kennedy - Who Got It?
Pleasants - Karaoke Booth

🌎 Overseas đŸŒŽ
The Lemon Twigs - My Golden Years
Velvet Sunset - Do You Love Me Now?

🎶 TOP 20 | Jan 20th - Jan 27th 🎶

📰 4ZZZ NEWS | Bingeing In Australia 📰

From food and TV to illicit substances. There is no arguing that bingeing is currently wrecking the lives of millions of Aussies, Danny Shannon is urging Aussies to reclaim their lives and recognise how destructive bingeing is.

Danny recently launched an app called Encapsulator, that helps people journal in video form. Particularly aimed at those in recovery from addiction, Shannon used his past experiences as an addict to create this app to help others record their journey towards a better life. The app has already received a warm reception.

To listen in and know more click here

Thanks to Zedline Contributors

🍊🍌 Seasonal Fruit - Autumn 🥑🍑

Saturday 2 March
Doors 4pm
18+ Event

Join us down by the Brisbane River at Felons Barrel Hall for the Autumn edition of Seasonal Fruit headlined by New Zealand indie quartet, THE BETHS!

Seasonal Fruit! Bringing you the freshest produce each season all year round.
Tickets and more info here (:

🐐 Mountain Goat Valley Crawl 🐐

Meanjin/Brisbane's sprawling summer festival Mountain Goat Valley Crawl returns on Sat 10 Feb, so clear your calendar and prepare for a night brimming with new music discoveries spread across 8 iconic Fortitude Valley venues.


Now in its 9th year, the Mountain Goat Valley Crawl is still as strong (& free!) as ever.

Gather the crew, and get ready to discover some new favourite acts as you embark on the Mountain Goat Valley Crawl 2024. Check out set times here, and let the GOAT guide your adventure.

No tickets are needed to attend but you can register your interest via this link to go into the running to win a double pass to the VIP pre-party!

❓ Zed Trivia | Do You Like Rock Music?❓

RMIT Student Charlotte Markowitsch is a PhD candidate seeking to capture the current status of rock in our popular culture by asking the general audience questions regarding the quality of rock music, where they encounter rock, and how they engage with it. 

The survey will ask questions regarding your opinions on rock and where you encounter it in the wild. The survey takes about 15 to 30 minutes to complete and there is an option at the end to opt in for a potential follow up interview with Charlotte. There is a bunch of information in the opening page which outlines this project and what your involvement means so click here to complete the survey.

That's all for this week, be sure to check your inbox next week for the next instalment of Zedletter!
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